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Equipment Repair

We provide a repairs and maintenance for mining equipment and have a 24 hour response service. Our technical support team does repairs on changfa engines, generators and water pumps.

Mining Equipment

There are different types of mining equipment in stock such as changfa compressors, hammermills of all sizes, amalgum barrels, separators and changfa engines.


We have good quality generators like the 2.7 KW generator, 5.5KVA generator and alternators of all sizes.

Water pumps

We supply a wide variety of water pumps for example we have 2inch petrol pumps, 3inch petrol pumps,submissible pumps of all sizes and whell pumps of all sizes.

Drilling Equipment

In stock we have some reliable and durable drilling equipment which include:
Y18 Jackhammers, S215 Jackhammers, Drill steels of all sizes and Drill bits.

Spare Parts

We have generator and engine spare parts (valve sets, sleeves of all sizes, piston rings, head gaskets and crank shafts of all sizes)

As Mineazy Mining solutions we will be assisting our valued customers by doing deliveries to their respective mines.

We source specific mining equipment and where necessary according to our client's exclusive requirements.

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